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Insurance provider, license plate numbers, sales tax ID and other information will be required prior to approval.


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All applicants must submit a completed application, proof of insurance, and any other required documentation per state and federal law by the deadline listed on this application form to be considered for space assignments. Space assignments are determined by the mapping committee, sanctioned by the Board Chairperson. All late applicants will be considered for the remaining Spaces. Receipt of this application is not confirmation of an assigned space. All vendors approved for a space will be issued a contract which must be signed and returned.

Priority for initial space assignments and for later assignments will be given to the following:

1. Applicants for the full 6 month season.
2. Applicants in good standing from the previous season.
3. Applicants with all locally raised/made products.


Please indicate which vendor option you are interested in

Seasonal space (6 months)

$250 per space


Daily space

$30 per space


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Products not produced by you are considered wholesale. (check all that apply)*

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StrawberriesMelonsOther FruitSweet CornPumpkinsOther VegetablesPoultryEggsBeefPorkOther MeatPlants/Cut FlowersBaked Goods


Produce vendors ONLY

I wish to participate in the "Market Certified 100% Homegrown Program."
(Participating vendors must adhere to the rules (end of page) of the program and will receive signage from the market to indicate participation.)


Please check the vehicles and equipment that will be part of your set-up/space**


**Outdoor spaces are 9ft wide.



Please provide a complete listing of your craft(s), materials used, percentage that is handmade, 5 pictures either attached or emailed that show your craft, and how long you have vended with the Freight House Farmer’s Market.

I give permission for the FHFM to post pictures of me and/or my products(s), as well as consent for my contact information to be given to returning and potential customers.


Market Certified 100% Homegrown Program

Because the Freight House Farmers’ Market allows both homegrown and brokered produce, and because it’s clear that customers are oftentimes confused about differentiations between the two, the Market Board has initiated this program as a service to customers. Vendors participating in this program agree to go beyond in order to earn this designation.
Expectations of qualifying vendors include:

1. Growing fresh garden produce. (honey, meats, and other food and non food products will not qualify at this time).
2. Pledging that all the produce they sell will be homegrown by the vendor/ farm.
3. Allowing a seasonal inspection conducted by other members of the program.
4. Conducting a personal inspection of other members of the program.
5. Several members should sit on a Homegrown Program Committee in order to communicate with the Board of Directors and to administer the program. All decisions are subject to board oversight and approval.
6. Participants will receive a sign from market. It is expected that the vendor display the sign. If a participant wishes to sell brokered produce they must withdraw from the program. Not putting the sign out does not make reselling allowable within the program. The sign is property of Market and must be returned in good condition at the end of the contracted season.

Open Year Round!

Outdoor Market:

Open May 5 – October 28

Sat 8-1, Sun 10-2, Wed 8-1

 Indoor Market:

Open Year Round

Sat 8-1, Sun 10-2

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